So how does
it all work?

Getting you to the top


Learning about you

 Understanding you and your business is always our first step. We’ll work with you to articulate precise goals for your SEO strategy which will set the trajectory for everything that follows. This makes sure you see the results that you want.

clear goals deliver clear results.

Did you know that 80% of searchers ignore paid ads? SEO costs less and returns more.


Understanding your market

The market landscape is different for every business and it’s important we know where you fit in. First we’ll study search engine data to see what the people out there are actually searching for. Then we’ll study your competitors, their own successes and failures, and we’ll use all of this to devise the strategy that’s going to work for you. Taking the time to study this information allows us to develop a more efficient, and therefore more cost-effective, strategy.


Technical website audit

 We’ll undertake a full website audit and make sure you appear safe and trustworthy to search engines. Google’s algorithm uses 200 ranking factors to determine your website’s validity, which is why we perform an audit every single month to ensure you’re in the best position possible to compete in the rankings. We fix any errors we come across, update your content and keep your site safe and secure.

Don't let avoidable website faux pas damage your search engine ranking.

We implement our strategy and work hard doing the things that get you to the top.


the strategy

 Once we’ve gathered all the data we can it’s time to devise a strategy. We outline a plan for the coming months that explains what we’ve discovered and how we intend to increase your website traffic, as well as any issues we’ve found and how we intend to fix them.

 Then, the best part: we do it for you. We do all the heavy lifting that gets your business climbing the Google ranks so you can keep doing what you need to. 


Your Monthly analysis report

 SEO is a long-game, there are no quick fixes, tricks or magic secrets. It’s all just good old-fashioned work, but we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. Each month you’ll receive a detailed but digestible report with your performance statistics for the previous month. You can see exactly what we’ve done and the impact it’s having.

 We continually review our strategies to maximise next months performance and ensure you’re getting the most for your money. 

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How does all that sound?

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