So how does
it all work?



Getting to know you

 We take time to understand you and your business to ensure we know exactly what you need from your website. We’ll have an in-depth chat with you to look at who your target audience is, what we want them to do and how we get them to do it. Taking some time to think things through at the beginning ensures a smooth and purposeful design process and ultimately a top-notch website that does what you want it to do. This part is totally free, you’ll only need to pay a 50% deposit before we start designing.

Every business is different, and their website should be too.

Did you know that 94% of first impressions are design related?


Designing your website

 How long do you have before your visitor makes a decision on your company? According to a Stanford study: a grand total of 50 milliseconds. We make sure your website has the impact it needs to grab your visitors, to foster trust and to deliver information in the most efficient way. It’s all about getting your visitors to do what you want them to do – call for a quote, purchase a product, visit your store, make a booking. And it starts here.


building your website

 Once you’re happy with the design, we’ll knuckle down and do all the ‘back-end’ work – that means all the stuff that makes your website function. We’ll provide on-site SEO and make the website transition seamlessly between mobile, tablet and desktop devices. We’ll take it through extensive testing and you’ll able to review and make changes to the site before it goes live. 

Basic SEO, Mobile responsiveness and performance increase - All the good stuff.

We did it! Go live with analytics and 7 days of free changes.


Launch day

 Once you’re happy with everything we’ll get that website live! If you need a new website address then we’ll help you with that as we go.

 We can set you up with Google analytics so you can monitor your website traffic and visitor trends. We’ll even give you 7 days to make changes to your website free of charge to make sure you’re happy and that everything is running smoothly.



 With your flash new website live, opt in for our SEO service and watch your business grow. We’ll develop your own bespoke SEO strategy to boost your search engine rankings and increase traffic. You’ll receive a detailed monthly report breaking down your traffic data into understandable terms so you can see the precise return of your investment.

 And of course, we’re always there to help when you need us.

Now you're live, it's time to make sure your visitors can find you.

How does all that sound?

Thanks for getting in touch.

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If you’re waiting for an email back then be sure to check your junk folders and give us a call if you any problems.

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